Welcome to Independent Agency.  Independent Agency is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We are an Actors Agency representing handpicked industry professionals . We provide professional actors for Film and TV, Theatre and Corporate Engagements. We provide the right Actor for the right Role.  We will work to offer the right one and not just anyone. At Independent Agency we are dedicated to seeking out and representing the best Actors. Without the artists we are nothing. We are the sum of our parts. We are I,a.
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News Highlights

Colette Lennon Dougal and Patrick McBrearty appearing in Collen Bawn at The Lyric

Michael Lavery and Emer McDaid appearing in We’ll Walk Hand in Hand at The Lyric and Touring

Carol Moore, Richard Croxford, Nigel O’Neill and Richard Doubleday join the cast of Mother’s Day

Sara Dylan Dylan cast in Special Couple

Richard Croxford cast in Mrs Wilson

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